Monday, May 23, 2016

Music Video Finale

Hello Everyone and welcome to a new blog post. Sadly, this post will be the last one for this school year. In our G.T. class we are doing a new and last project for the end of the school year. We will be creating a music video for our last project this school year. I am in a team of two. It's just me and Alaka'i. Last year when we did the music video, we chose a country song. So I thought this year "Let's do another one?" So this year we chose the song "Big Green Tractor" by Jason Aldean. In the song it talks about this guy wanting to have fun with this girl and they have fun. But since that is not "school appropriate" we decided to change our storyline. It is gonna be about these two friends and one of the friends wants to do everything but the other friend just wants to stay in his car. So then I show him my (Ala's) big green tractor (lawnmower) and he's really interested. When Ala is interested he rides the tractor and then he's finally having fun. This storyline still relates to the lyrics and is fun to watch.

Probably, My favorite fast-edit montage sequence is gonna be the part when we show off the tractor. I like this sequence because it was fun shooting and I like the way it was shot. I really like the shot types. We have a part of Ala on the lawnmower "burning rubba". Then we have a part while we were shooting the ending of the music video. It ended with me driving the lawnmower down the street while was walking next to me. As we were shooting it I "accidentally" drove away as fast as I could and in the background you could hear ala say "STOP!" That was funny. We also shot parts of Ala driving the lawnmower in the woods and in the pasture because those were the lyrics in the song. "Down through the woods, and out through the pasture." We thought that was really good.

This music vid showcases our best work because it shows high quality work such as audio and creative moving shot types. We also learned cool tools to use in photoshop to use for our final poster. I did the poster. It shows that we learned how to do a lot of stuff since day one of G.T. We also have well done shot types. We also learned how to balance our audio. If it wasn't for this G.T. class I wouldn't know this much about film-making. Well I would like to conclude this last blog post and say that I had a very fun school year this year. Goodbye and see you in the next blog post.

Animated Life Lessons

B: Explain how you use humor in your story and how your life lesson or message relates to us. C: Considering you’ve never worked together before, describe your team’s level of productivity, biggest challenge & best moment during production.
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Have you been taking behind the scenes photos?

Hello everyone and welcome to another blog post! I would tell you this but then it would feel like I heard it before. We are starting a new project in G.T.! Oh. I remember where I heard that from. Almost all the other blog posts I did in the past school year. Anyways, back to the topic. This new project is kind of an extension from last blog post. This new project is an animation movie. And how is it different from last years "Asha Moves Away" animation? Well in this animation we are using a tool that I haven't used before, "the puppet warp" tool. This tool helps animate inanimate objects and make them look real. Well we plan to exaggerate everybody's personal traits by looking like we are cleaning really fast.

Our life lesson and message in this story relates to people. Even though we don't have too much humor in this video, there is a part in the video where me and Brody find a bunch of crazy stuff in our room, like a Samsung S7 Edge, IPhone 6S, a xBox controller and an Apple Tv. But we're more focused on finding our I.Ds so when we found all that crazy stuff we just look disappointed and throw them to aside. We put this in because when people look for stuff they find everything but the thing they're looking for.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Character Development

Hello everybody and welcome back to another blog post! To start this blog post, we're gonna do a little something different. I'm gonna start by talking about myself a little bit. I'm a athletic, very competitive, smart (not all the time), funny, lovable type of person. I also get mad pretty easily and when I'm mad, I work harder. For example, when someone scores a goal on my team, I get mad and I try my hardest to score a goal. I have a lot of imperfections that are humorous and maybe even relatable. One of my imperfections are that I wake up too late. I'm late everywhere I go (most of the times). And finally, I'm somewhat of a hypocrite. This means I tell people what to do when I'm not doing it. Now that I cleared that out of the way let's start getting to the juicy stuff.

So I just started school again from spring break and you wanna know another thing we started (other that school)? A NEW (small) PROJECT FOR GT!!! We are working on an animation GIF. We are making this project mainly to tell people about ourselves. This project is mainly about ourselves because we will be showing the audience our what type of person we are or showing what character traits we have by showing them a exaggerated animation of what type of person we are. The type of exaggerations I'm planning on doing is doing a really sick, hardcore dab. Learn about how I did it in the next paragraph

I plan to do the dab with this tool in photoshop called the puppet warp tool. This is a photoshop tool used to control or manipulate an object by placing different pins and anchor points. Once I place the pins, I move the pins to where I want it to go. Too make it look like I'm moving, I need to slightly move the pins and make a new frame in the animation workspace. Once you do that, you just move it again slightly and create a new frame. Repeat the process and you'll be done in no time. I somewhat like my work because I made myself do what I wanted to do but I just feel like I can do better. I could've done better by making the movements more detailed. Well that's all I have for this week's blogpost and I'll see you in the next one!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! If you can't tell from the title but I am going to be entering the .MOV Film Festival. In the .MOV Film Festival, I could either make a sitcom, animation, or movie trailer. I have teamed with Alaka'i and Meah to make a movie trailer. If you didn't last year's movie trailer, don't because it's terrible. I'm hoping that this year will be better. Before I tell you about what our movie trailer is about, I'm gonna tell you some keywords and you can guess what the movie trailer is gonna be about after. Our first keyword is "Encouragement." We chose encouragement because we encourage people to be themselves. Our next keyword is "Try." We chose "Try" because you always have to try everything. Another keyword we chose was "Embarrassed." We chose "Embarrassed" because in our movie people are kinda embarrassed about who they really are. And our last keyword is "Shy." We chose "shy" because people are shy and scared about who they really are.

We are making our movie trailer about Ala. Ala plays basketball and thinks that he's not good at basketball and Meah is the sister that discourages Ala to play basketball. I then come in and find Ala making these sick shots and encourages him to play. He then plays real basketball and he wins his basketball game. We chose this story because we think that shy people shouldn't be embarrassed about their talent. And embarrassment shouldn't hold you back from big success. And It's always important to TRY! TRY! TRY! And we also need people around the world to encourage people on showing their talent. It may not even have to be people encouraging you to do something. It doesn't need to be a person or a Advertisement on the newspaper. As long as you are encouraged to be yourself. We also want to show if you try as hard as you can then you will lead to big success. And if you lead to big success you'll have a good life just from one decision you made from just thinking "Yeah. I'll try that." or "Yes. Definitely I'll try that!" And that is the overall message we are hoping to overcome in this project.

Of course, in every project, we all have some problems. I'm gonna tell you what problems we faced and how we solved them. So to start off, one of our biggest problems was making the baskets in. We probably spent 10 minutes on this one shot. I told Ala we should just edit in a splash (basketball term for swish). Instead Ala was stubborn and did it till he made it. Another problem we had was finding the perfect music. All movie trailers have Music that make's viewers excited and make them want to watch the actual movie. We then thought of this song that is related to basketball and it has an awesome instrumental. It is "Wings" by Macklemore. Check out the instrumental here! Another problem was having enough shots of Ala making his shots. So we then tried finding some shots in our footage and we found enough and we put it in our film and BOOM! we did it. Thank you all for reading this weeks blogpost and I'll see you in the next one!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

Hello and welcome back to another blog post! Last week, we started this new project called Spherical and Polar Panoramas (Panos). Before I start talking about the polar and spherical panos, I'll tell you what a composite image and why it is important. A composite image is Created from combining several different pictures to go beyond the limitations of a camera. A composite image is important for a panorama because a just one picture wouldn't get all of what you want. that's why a pano is a composite image.

A Polar Pano is a panoramic landscape with defined horizon lines digitally manipulated to create a circular planet-like image. A Spherical Pano looks like a landscape is wrapped around the frame. they're different on how they look. The polar panos look like tiny worlds and the spherical pano looks like landscape warped around in a circle. And that's the difference between a Polar Panorama and a Spherical Panorama.

My finished Tiny Worlds looks convincing because in my final spherical I made myself look big. And while I was editing I noticed that I was facing the sunlight. So added a shadow to make it look like I am really there and I look big. But in my polar panorama it doesn't look like I'm really there. It doesn't look like it because I didn't put a shadow to make it look like I'm really there. Because a real person would have a shadow. But I tried to make myself pop out of my world and tried to make it look convincing as possible. So that was this week's blog and I'll see you in the next one.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hockney Style Joiners

Hello everybody and welcome back to another blog post! So for the past two weeks, my class have been doing this project on photomontage. David Hockney is known very well for his photomontages. Me and David Hockney's work are totally different. Not only how it looks but also how we make it. 1 of the ways how our work is different is that I use a DSLR camera and i think he used like a polaroid camera. Another one is how we made it. He probably used the pictures from the polaroid camera glued them together. Me, I took the SD card out of the camera and imported the photos onto the schools computer. After that, I put it into photoshop and put them together. After I could just print it. And finally, his photomontages are more powerful then my photomontages. He could probably make a photo montage about world pollution more powerful than I ever could. And those were the differences of my photomontage and Hockney's photomontage.

Now I'm gonna be talking about how images can send a positive or negative message. Of course positive images send positive messages and negative images send negative messages, but I'm gonna be digging deeper than that. Images with any type of sexual content or nudity would be a negative image. It would send a negative message by making everybody grossed out. Not everyone in the world would like those type of images. An image of like service or something like that would send a positive message. If people saw that picture they would feel all happy. If the image was a puppy, it would definitely send a positive message. But if that puppy was being harassed by the owner, then it would send a negative message. And that's how images can send positive and negative messages.

The message I intend for my audience to see in my final is time. I chose my watch because it shows what time it is. My watch symbolizes me because I don't have enough time to do anything. Time is an important thing that everybody doesn't have enough of. So that's why I chose my watch because time is a problem that everybody has.

Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Aspirations

Hello and welcome back to this week's blog post! I know that everyone had a wonderful time during winter break and now we are in 2016! I got some goals that i want to try to achieve in 2016. Here's 5 goals. Goal #1: Do better in school. So far I've been doing good in school but i just think that I can do better. Goal #2: Beat my brother in one-on-one basketball. I just want to say an interesting fact about my family. My family is really competitive. So whenever my brother beats me in one-on-one basketball, I get all salty and don't want to play with him anymore. And I know I'm a sore loser and it's true. I'll admit it. Goal #3: Watch all Fast and Furious movies. So far I tried watching all of the fast and furious movies before the 8th movie comes out. The only movie I have to watch is the 3rd movie (Tokyo Drift). I'm have to at least watch it anytime before April 14, 2017. Goal #4: Win the presidents cup. The Presidents Cup is a tournament on O'ahu. This is actually my first tournament since forever. The tournament I went to on O'ahu was when I was 8 I think. Finally, goal #5: Win the HYSA springs championships. HYSA is actually a soccer season on Kauai. But for the past years I have so close to winning but just not. The last 2 years just destroyed my soul. 2014, Kapa'a FC. We lost in the semifinals. 2015, Futsal Kauai. We won every game except for the game against North Shore FC. They crushed us. But I'm really feeling it this year. And this are some goals I want to attain in 2016.

I think the most important goal from those five are "Winning the HYSA springs championships". Like I said before, I was so close to winning the past 2 years. But they seriously destroyed my soul last year because everytime we played North Shore FC, we spanked them. But in our championship game against them, we got spanked. My soul was crushed. And soccer is just really important to me because it's just an emotional sport that I am really passionate about. And like I said earlier, I'm a really competitive and when I lose, sometimes I'm a poor sport. Like in serious games, I am like a super poor sport if we lose. If it's like a regular game then I would be ok. And also the beginning of the school year, part of the North Shore FC came to KMS this year so when they saw me they made fun of me how we lost and they won. In the beginning of the school year I was kinda pissed but now almost all the north shore people that came from Kiluea Elementary School are like my homies. We're really good friends now. But in all seriousness, winning the HYSA Spring Championships is my most important goal I want to attain is winning.

The steps I will take to obtain success is practice, practice, practice. I'll be more healthier. I'll be more healthier by getting in shape, eating healthier, and maybe even play more sports to fit myself for soccer because soccer is all about running and during my basketball practices, I'm seriously gonna die from running from the free throw line, back to the baseline, run to the half court, back to the baseline, and you get the point. After I'll start playing more with my older brother. Probably shoot some hoops with him or race. Maybe even beat him in 1 vs 1 basketball against him. Maybe even beat him (which will probably never happen (but that's why I'm working on it this year!)). Maybe even in school. I could participate in sporting games there. People play football on the field. That will help me with my running and agility skills. There's basketball at the court. Maybe that can help me with my math like "Oh, shoot it at a 45 degree angle" or something. Girls play softball on the field. That can help me with my sportsmanship by not wanting to be a poor sport and leave and get all mad. And even once in a while someone brings a soccer ball so we can just kick, play keep away, or maybe even a little game. So that's it for this week's post. I'll see you in the next blog post!